Reasons Why They Keep Hiring Copywriters

It’s more than buying pretty words.

5 min readOct 29, 2021


Source: Behance

So, what ran into your mind the moment you read that headline? Did you feel the need to click on it right away? Did you feel threatened by what could lie behind this warning? Or you were simply curious?

Whatever the reason was, you’re reading this article now. I got your attention. Getting the attention of our potential customers is what brings us sales and money. So, the single reason for hiring a copywriter is to enhance the “attention-grabbing skills” of your content.

“Pfff, quite obvious, right? Right, but isn’t this a bit general? I mean, this is too damn general, you little prick! I spent six seconds reading this garbage! Gimme my time back!”

1. They save you from blatantly promoting yourself!

You got pissed off above because I promised too much on the title, but then went to tell you something general. Many business owners use the same approach when they want to sell properties, products, or pieces of software, etc.

You see, almost all the time advertisements go like: “The most luxurious apartment in town!”

Then, the pictures show nothing but a simple apartment with three rooms, a bathroom, and a kitchen. I mean, come on. A good ad shouldn’t seem like an ad at all.

However, it’s not our fault for doing this. These advertising techniques have been used before Queen Elizabeth was born. (Yes, that old!)

And this is the reason. Since our brain is used to flagging ads as malicious because they try to manipulate us, we don’t take these promotions too seriously anymore.

Copywriters take your product or service and present it to the audience as it is, by focusing on benefits customers resonate with.

2. Copywriters know how to innovate

Since our brains keep finding and ignoring patterns in marketing, how to sell stuff? Should business owners leave their products at the mercy of fate?

Uhmm, nope, there’s still hope if we dig deeper. If we put our creativity into use and find innovative ways to trigger customers’ pain points.




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