#ZeroToCopywriterDiary DAY 2: What kind of war is this?

Dear Friend,

Photo by Alin Olariu from Pexels

I said this series of blogs would be all about me but the topic I have been pondering about today is meant to be shared.

The war I am talking about is not the novel virus that is running around like crazy, but another, not less harmful than this one.

Reports show that 300 hours of video content is being uploaded to Youtube, over 100 million photos are posted on Instagram all under one minute and more than 6 million blogs are published each day!

Do you see these numbers? There are even more crazy statistics out there which literally blow your mind! Tremendous amount of information of being added to the internet each day. Imagine if we were to include here the printed materials like magazines, newspapers and books?!

A really hot mess, isn’t it! All this content out there fighting for your attention.

There is a little secret I have learn’t these last days about this pile of content being created each day. How easy actually is to reduplicate it.

More than a month ago I posted on Facebook about wanting to get a gig as a copywriter. A guy asked me whether I could write a 3.000 words article for $30. According to him it would take me 3 hours to finished the article, therefore the rate was $10/hr.

What did I say? Are you crazy? Where I live the average wage is more or less than $500/month. (unequally distributed between people). If I was able to make $10/hr just by typing words (that’s how I consider it, having never tried before) it would be crazy. You know! But I could complete more than article a day! Oh, boy.

I sat at the nearest bar close to the apartment I live temporary with my cousins. I took the laptop out of the backpack and ordered a cup of coffee, so that I could stay up all night. Another thing I discovered during those days is that I am “night owl”. I really enjoy working when there’s no sun out. ( I think I know why but let’s leave it for an another article.)

Where was I? Ah, yeah. The first project of mine. Never would forget the excitement of that day.

Until I sat down to write…

I did read at least the 10 first articles that popped up in the search results but none of them was clear to me. The topic I had to write for was “How to clean your bathroom…“. Simple at first. That’s what I thought too.

There were different articles but each of them was either too short or too complicated. I wanted to write something purely original after gathering all the facts. I didn’tt know what were the exact steps you should take when you want to clean the bathroom. I mean. I sure do know how to do it but each article had the steps arranged in a different way. I jumped from one to the other.…

…for two sleepless nights and at the end sobbing in rage I texted to the guy that I just could not do it. Maybe I wasn’t apt for this.

The financial freedom dream was shattered in pieces for me. I was doomed to live doing things I hate like taking boring classes each day and even getting back to the horrendous call center job.

Looking back then now that I understand how most of the content is created I can say it was all lack of patience, thinking and research.

Now, getting back to the point of content, what I haven’t realised is how most of this huge amount of content is being throw over the net each day.

Most of it is based on summarization and paraphrasing. Nothing more.

What you do is you take a piece of writing, reproduce it in different words and voilaa! You have a new piece of content ready to post.

So in the first look it is all a war of content, but if you think a little bit deeper when you enter a library it is not the vast amount of books that makes you enter, but the fact an interesting piece of writing you like is there.

Therefore, you have to know the difference if you don’t want to end up at the end of the pile.

But anyways,

I digress.

(I stole this last one from Cole Schafer . I don’t know why but I love such closing.)

Gled. (the wannabe)

P.S I have nothing to say here. Time to sleep.



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